Our purpose is to circulate an informational publication for cat fanciers, to share knowledge and experiences that will assist all individuals whether pet owner or fancier in achieving maximum benefit and enjoyment from our feline companions.

Learn the care, costs and cautions, associated with owning a cat. Get a behind-the-scenes look at prominent breeders, through in depth articles in each issue. Keep up to date with the show status of every Ocicat being shown with the Cat Fanciers' Association. If you can't attend a show, read about the results in our quarterlycoverage.

You'll also have first-hand access to Ocicat ads promoting breeders and their winning cats, or life in general with their pets, latest updates on cat facts and care, including Holistic health. You'll receive all this valuable information and occasional color photos all wrapped up in an exciting lengthy newsletter, delivered to your email four times a year. The newsletter is light, airy and most often joyful and humorous, something that all cat lovers can appreciate. Try it, we believe you'll like it!


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