The listed breeders are members in good standing of Ocicats of North America but under no circumstance does Ocicats of North America personally guarantee the services of said members.

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Sandy Babcock
Sherry Lambeck

Sweet Mewsic Cattery
Portage, MI.
(269) 323-0916

"ONA is an excellent organization. The newsletter addresses health issues, interesting articles, and controversial subjects such as breeding tactics. It gives us show standards to show how our breed is doing. It also contains a good joke now and then."

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Don Bozeman
Ocicountry Cattery
519 Rimrock Drive, Amarillo TX 79118-3714
(806) 622-2776  

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Catoninetails Cattery
Clinton, Indiana 47842
(765) 832-6400
"Ocicats of North America is composed of a lively organization of a world wide sociable people, dedicated to our magnificent spotted feral in appearance (but thoroughly domestic) Ocicats. Our newsletter includes articles written by pet owners highlighting life with their whimsical pet Ocicats, clever tips on cat care, convenient medical articles, holistic health articles, irresistible pictures that are sometimes in color, impeccable up to date show status of each Ocicat shown with CFA, etc. You'll be enchanted and captivated with each richly detailed thirty to forty page newsletter that is delivered to your door four times a year."

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Rosemary Caunter

Thickthorn Ocicats
Woodlands Mounters Lane, Chawton Alton Hampshire, England GU34 IRX

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Carolyn Causey
Ocipaws Ocicats
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 734-1313

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Alexandra & Jesse Chisholm
Chisholm Trail Cattery
Ramona, California

(760) 788-0562

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Anne McCulloch

Catiators Ocicats
Charleston, West Virginia
(304) 984-3364
"ONA has been an excellent resource for us. The information available in the newsletter lets us keep up with show points, breeding trends, CFA information, and other information particular to the Ocicat. It's a great asset to us as breeders and as Ocicat owners."

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Dian Darr
Pikes Peak Cattery
Colorado Springs, CO
(719) 471-2887
"The ONA Newsletter has a wealth of information for the ocicat breeder. Being a new breeder, I have found it especially helpful as a reliable reference and source of contact with other breeders. It contains no "fluff", but well-researched articles or experiental facts from knowledgeable experts."

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Venus C. DeVoe
Dynamicat Cattery

Jacksonville, FL
"ONA is an excellent resource organization that is dedicated to providing up to date information for the novice and breeders." It is one newsletter you do not want to miss.

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Ann C. Jucha
Jucha Ocicats
Naples, FL
(239) 353-9087

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Ellen M. Karr
Karrklan Cattery
Glendale, AZ

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Robin and Maren Madigan
Midnite Moon Cattery


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Fran Volkman
Calumet Cats Cattery

(810) 765-5782

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