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Established in 1987, Ocicats of North America is a fast-growing cat club and gaining momentum! Our club becomes more popular every year. We have many members world wide and welcome more every day. Our association has wonderful sharing, caring people available with volumes of experience and ideas; you'll find answers to your specific cat questions easily answered in each quarterly newsletter. We welcome and encourage our pet owners, breeders and exhibitor club members to participate by contributing articles, pictures, jokes, etc., to our publication.

Join ONA! It is an excellent way to learn about one of America's favorite irresistible felines, become acquainted with other Ocicat fanciers, and to build new friendships worldwide.

By joining as a voting member, you will have the opportunity to vote on all matters relevant to the club. Remember, you can join Ocicats of North America without risk, because your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. If you're not delighted with your first newsletter, simply return it within ten (10) days, and we will cheerfully refund your money.


Interested in joining ONA? Simply print this membership form and return your completed form and payment to the address below. Or use our online form!

C/O P O Box 13033, Charleston, WV 25320 304/984-3364

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  1. ____Associate Member (No) voting privileges. You will receive the quarterly newsletter. $22.50 yearly.

  2. ____Individual Voting - One vote. (Must provide proof of ownership/registered Ocicat) $27.50 yearly. Business card ad (4) insertions include an additional $18.00, and your business card. yes___ no___.

  3. ____Family Membership - Two votes. (Must provide proof of co-ownership of a CFA registered Ocicat). $40.00 yearly. Business card ad (4) insertions - include an additional: $18.00, and your business card. yes____no____.

  4. ____Foreign memberships welcomed. You will receive the newsletter four times a year - and display proudly your winning Ocicats in our special show issue, no voting privileges $35.00 yearly. Newsletters will be mailed by surface mail. If you're opposed to having your newsletter mailed by surface mail include $12.00 with your membership for first class mail service. Surface mail: $35.00____,first class mail: $47.00_____. Business card ad (4) insertions - include an additional $18.00, and your business card. yes___ no___.

  5. ____List my cattery on Internet. $10.00 for (1) year. Listing space includes one Ocicat photo. Are you on the Internet now? yes_____ no_____.Your web site address, if you have one, "but not required"________________________________________. Do you want your home address listed on the Internet? yes____no____. Do you want your home phone number listed on the Internet? yes_____no_____.You do not have to be on the Internet, or own a computer to advertize on the Ocicats of North America's Internet web site. "Ocicat prices are prohibited from being advertised within the ONA web site."

    Visit our club Web site at:

ETHICS STATEMENT- By joining Ocicats of North America, we promise not to sell to pet shops, to uphold ethical standards of breeding, to promote the Ocicat, to refrain from disparagement of other breeders, to assist others who come to us for help, and abide by the rules and the constitution of Ocicat of North America. We will keep our felines in healthful surroundings. We will not misrepresent the quality, genetics or the bloodlines of our cats.

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_____Associate membership- $22.50
_____Individual voting membership- $27.50
_____Family voting membership- $40.00
_____Foreign membership surface mail- $35.00
_____Foreign membership 1st class mail- $47.00
_____Business card ad- $18.00
_____List my cattery on the Internet- $10.00

Total amount $___________________________

Dues are payable only in U.S. Funds
All returned checks will be charged a $10.00 handling fee.

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