About the Club

The purpose for which our club is organized is to promote the welfare and work to improve the Ocicat breed. We strive to promote the breeding, registration and exhibition of the Ocicat under the Cat Fanciers' Association guidelines, to increase public awareness of the Ocicat breed, to provide breed information for the general public and to provide a forum for exchange of information pertaining to care and breeding of Ocicats through our quarterly newsletter. The Board of Directors and the Executive Members take pride in leaving politics to the Politicians, as our objective is to promote the Ocicat Breed through our newsletter and by exhibiting our Ocicats. We are members of CFA's Region 4, the Great Lakes region, although we serve Ocicat exhibitors, breeders and owners from all over North America.

ONA Officers
President/Editor Denise Clark West Virginia (304)550-1576 ocicat@suddenlink.net
Vice President Robin Madigan Ohio doinaflyby@suddenlink.net
Secretary Anne McCulloch West Virginia (304) 984-3364 catiators@ocicat.com
Treasurer Vacant  
Board of Directors
Sandy Babcock Michigan (269) 323-0916
Cheryl Bell Indiana (765) 662-6783 cbell@indy.rr.com
Don Bozeman Texas (806) 622-2776 ocicountry@suddenlink.net
Kristine Kaliszewski
Washington (425) 254-0702 k.kaliszewski@comcast.net





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